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Reserve your spot to be Melanie's exclusive client


Once your spot is reserved, Melanie's team will be in touch to place you in the August or October 2018 class.

What you'll get:

A $2500 value

Week 1:  Meet with Melanie 1 on 1 to get clear on your goals.

Week 2:  Get grounded in the fundamentals of inner mastery, and the science of why anything is possible. 

Week 3:  Learn the Extraordinary Life Framework, your guide to living the life of your dreams.

Week 4:  Discover your life mission and core values --

the guiding principles that lead to unending motivation, fulfillment, and decisiveness.

Week 5: Create a 1 year roadmap to achieving your extraordinary life's vision.

Week 6:  Mindset Mastery skill 1: Resiliency -- the ability to overcome any obstacle on your journey.

Week 7:  Mindset Mastery skill 2: Anchoring -- the ability to feel how you want to feel in any situation.

Week 8:  1 on 1 practice and final questions with Melanie.

From my personal clients:

"This is fundamental to any conscious founder. This is invaluable work."


"I just had to call to thank you. You've allowed me to see what I really need to be successful. I'm beyond grateful."


"I'm going to tell everyone about this! This is amazing!"


"This is changing my life. I don't know how I operated without knowing my core values before."

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