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of your future.

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"This has really made an impact on me. Whenever I feel like I'm veering off course, I come back to this."  - Mike V., VR the Future

The course

In this 8 week coaching program, you'll learn how to win from within.

Get grounded in the fundamentals of inner mastery, and the science of why anything is possible. 

Week 3: 

Discover your life mission and core values --

the guiding principles that lead to unending motivation, fulfillment, and decisiveness.

Learn the Extraordinary Life Framework, your guide to living the life of your dreams.

Week 5: 

Create your 1 year roadmap to achieving your extraordinary entrepreneurial vision.

Week 1:  Meet with Melanie 1 on 1 to get clear on your goals.

Week 2: 

Week 4: 

Week 6: 

Mindset Mastery skill 1: Calm anxiety -- the ability to overcome any obstacle on your journey.

Week 7: 

Mindset Mastery skill 2: Feel peace & power -- the ability to feel how you want to feel in any situation.

Week 8: 

1 on 1 practice and final questions with Melanie.

Want to discover your life mission NOW?

Download the formula for FREE here. I want you to have it.

About Melanie Weinberger

I wouldn't let myself be happy until I was "successful" by society's measures. Then I GOT the success, and realized, it didn't matter! I was shocked.

On the entrepreneurial journey, being unstoppable, and fulfilled, is an INSIDE game, and with the right tools -- that are NEVER taught in school -- you can win from within and live an absolutely extraordinary life.

This is the most important work I know of. And I hope you take the leap to look inside yourself, and build your extraordinary world from the inside out.

I've got you.

Build the life of your dreams.

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