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Helping people feel good is my favorite thing.


My work in the world:

"Mel is amazingly captivating. Her excitement and joie de vivre is contagious to those lucky enough to attend her keynotes!"

- JD Weinstein, Head of Startup Ecosystems, Oracle

I've founded multiple organizations that spread well-being.

Mindlight, Founding Partner                                                                                   November 2017 - present

  • We created this company to shift corporate culture into adopting a more present, more potent, mental-emotional health model for human beings.

  • Currently driving adoption amongst the leaders of Austin.



"This team is without a doubt leading the charge in creating the next generation of well-being."

- Patrick Mercer, Assistant Vice President & Wellness Director, Frost Bank

Wellshift, Founder & CEO                                                                                            October 2013 - June 2018

  • Built a corporate wellness services company. Went from 0 to working with 30+ companies, including Google (Case study with Google).

  • Recruited and managed team of regional sales reps around the country. Ran on-site corporate wellness programs across 3 states. Recruited wellness experts from around the country to come into corporate offices to educate and activate teams.

  • Personally created and taught classes on Human Potential and Flow State at Google, Rackspace, and more. Wrote and filmed wellness curriculums that prompted employees to take one positive action a day across: sleep, peak performance, fitness, nutrition, happiness, mindfulness, team building, and more.

  • Designed custom software that tracked wellness program metrics.

  • Sold accounts to a competitor and closed shop in June 2018.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity for such incredible courses last month. I can't speak highly enough of this program.”


Ryan Hess, Campus Engineering Sourcer, Google

WELL Conference, Founder & Executive Producer                                                                        October 2014

  • Incepted and produced the WELL conference. 100+ companies attended, representing 200,000+ employees.

  • Established industry thought-leadership on a newer definition of wellness that included whole-being. Brought together the change-makers of the corporate wellness world to educate the market. Generated leads for Wellshift that resulted in our first major contracts.


I teach about the upper levels of human performance, worldwide.


Notable speaking engagements:

- 2018, Luna Nativa, "First you feel good, then you do good"


- 2018, Texas Women in Business Association, "The edge of wellness science for wonder women"


- 2018, A Tribe Called Brunch, "Best life”


- 2018, AHRMA Conference, "The powerful potential of Emotional Intelligence"


- 2018,  Vienna’s Top Accelerator Program Demo Day Keynote


- 2018, TEDx Klagenfurt, "How to live an extraordinary life"


- 2018, Creative Mornings Austin: "In anxiety lays immense power”


- 2018, Austin Business Journal: "Hacks to stop team stress and watch performance soar"


- 2017, Novel Day Innovation Summit featured keynote, “How to live an extraordinart life”


- 2017, DisruptHR, "The big secret about wellness programs"


- 2017, 3 Day Startup Global Conference, Closing Keynote: "The Real Business Is Building Yourself."


- 2017, WeWork: "Stress Relief Now: An interactive workshop to blow off some steam"


- 2017, Rackspace: "Tap Into Your Extraordinary Potential"


- 2017, Modernize: "Stress Relief Now: An interactive workshop to blow off some steam"


- 2016, Austin Coding Academy Commencement Keynote: "You are the beginning of a revolution"


- 2016, Google: "Tap Into Your Unlimited Potential"


- 2016, SXSW Health & MedTech: "Cracking the code to your unlimited epic potential"


- 2016, Co-host, Google for Entrepreneur's SXSW VIP Wellness Lounge


- 2015, IT'S TIME TEXAS Health Summit: "Transforming stress in the workplace"


- 2015, Spredfast: "Tap into your unlimited potential"


- 2015, 3 Day Startup Global Roundup panel host: "Plan B for Entrepreneurs, should you have one?"


- 2014, Johnson and Johnson 2nd Annual Women's Leadership Summit: "Developing your personal brand"


- 2014, WELL: "Getting on the exponential up"

I consult for teams whose missions I believe in. It's an honor.

Weeva, Consumer marketing                                                                                  June 2018 - Present

  • Brought on board to champion a fledgling customer segment. Ran a complete assessment of the segment performance and began experimenting.

  • Started with optimizing customer close rate: Designed and launched UX tutorials in software; implemented customer hand-raising campaign to identify high odds closers.

  • Redesigned and relaunched email engagement series for new customers, with open rates averaging 3x the industry average.

  • Then experimented with driving new traffic, finding a campaign buy that net a 200% increase in customer leads. We found a 1% close rate still existed. Determined that product/market fit is not there yet, and not to drive anymore big traffic. Moving back to the product drawing board, and running new product/market fit validation roadmap.



Life and business coach for high performers                                                                       April 2017 - Present

  • Guide individuals to live into their highest potential both personally and professionally. Client demographic mix: successful entrepreneurs looking for greater fulfillment, high achieving corporate leaders ready for their next move, individuals ready to shift from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, small business owners seeking revenue growth.


“You are so on point it’s amazing. I can’t believe I have you on my team.”

Tatiana Forero Puerta, Author



Ready Set Love, Business Manager                                                                                   March 2017 - Present

  • Worked with the founder to construct 1 year business plan.

  • Building publicity strategy to drive in new leads to counseling practice.

  • Streamlined team of contractor operations. On-boarded contractors onto Asana, assigned members to projects and tasks. Oversaw integration of more efficient communications.

  • Managed production of the online video course.

  • Managed optimization of 2 lead generating websites.

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