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How to live an extraordinary life.

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"I had goose bumps the entire time." - Elke Steger, 2018 event attendee

Hi, you.

I've discovered that the secret to experiencing an extraordinary life is to master your mind.

By honing your inner world,

you then experience what you desire

in the world around you.

The course

These 5 foundations, when implemented, will transform your life.


1. Discover your life's mission.

This provides you with unending motivation. It lives at the intersection of your passion and your purpose. It acts as your north star.

2. Create a vision for how you'll live out your mission.

Your vision is your tactical expression of your mission. It's the how to your why.

"If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand."

3. Identify your core values.

Your core values act as your internal map for what to say yes and no to as you live out your vision. These are your personal basic needs that enable you to feel fulfilled, and give you the ability to make the right decision when it's time for big decisions (and small ones).

4. Mindset mastery skill 1: Calm anxiety.

Gain the ability to bounce back from unexpected, undesirable occurrences. Learn how to turn all obstacles into opportunities.


Extraordinary life workshops

5. Mindset mastery skill 2: Feel peace and power.

Feel how you want to feel in any given moment: powerful, peaceful, unstoppable, stable, smart, and more.

Melanie Weinberger

Once you unlock your mind,

you unlock your life.

Everything becomes possible.

My mission is to help you live

the life you dream of.

In action:

Creative Mornings featured workshop,

"In anxiety lays immense power."​

Start living the life you were meant for.

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