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Join the team as the first

Extraordinary Life Apprentice!

Hey there wild one, Mel here :)

I am looking for an apprentice who wants to give the gift of inner transformation to the world with me. We are a dream team. We love our work, we are mission driven AF, we divide and conquer, we collaborate non-stop because we are so in flow and the ideas feel electric, and we explode onto the scene bringing help worldwide. We experiment, we play, we do the doing, we do the being, we meet thousands of people, we transform their experience of life, we book gigs non-stop, money is pouring in, we level up our own lives, we align on our values and help each other achieve them, we believe anything is possible, we believe in the souls of those we help.


Our mission: To deliver experiential freedom and power to people ready to live an extraordinary life.


Vision: We offer workshops, content, talks, and more that tap into, and open up, individual’s manifestation powers. “Live an extraordinary life,” is the umbrella promise. Sub-workshops and skill trainings deliver specific tools for achievement.


Values: Let’s co-create these when we begin together, and for sure, having fun, is one of them :)



  • Build strategies with you

  • Create content

  • Deliver workshops, classes, talks, coaching

  • Train you in everything I know, in a weekly 1 hour class, on the topics that your heart yearns for the most, including, but not at all limited to: how to master your emotions and create new patterns for your highest state of being, how to discover the mission, vision, and values of your life, how to set up an organization to scale, how to give the most baller talks of your life, how to design excellent presentations, and… fill in the blank here of what I have access to that you’re interested in. <3



  • Connect with tons of powerful people

  • Hustle because you love to, and you LOVE this mission

  • Have a presence about you that’s undeniable

  • Love setting goals, building strategies, and executing on them

  • Create great relationships with everyone you encounter

  • Unearth opportunities in creative places

  • Create gravitas for our brand

  • Are organized AF so that we’re A game on execution

  • Know how to design materials well, using Canva and the Google docs suite


----Assignment #1 is to GIVE FIRST and gain audience exposure----


Distribute a TEDx talk that helps entrepreneurs anchor into inner happiness and fulfillment


This is our trial period in working together.


Time commitment: 10 hours/week


  1. Watch it here. If it speaks to you, and hits you in your heart as a fundamental basis for empowerment of people uplifting their lives, this is for you. If this doesn’t resonate, we’re probably not a good match.

  2. Our goal is to have startup accelerator programs, business schools, and co-working spaces around the country send a link to our content out to their members.

  3. Your first job will be to develop these lists, as well as the right point of contact to reach out to in each institution (probably someone in charge of event planning or education). I would like to store all of these contacts in Pipedrive, so that we can also track our progress of responses and ultimately wins. I will give you an account login and help you learn the system if you are not already familiar.

  4. The more entrepreneurs that see the content, the more people we will be helping live a happy, fulfilled life.


You NAIL this with me, and then you get to move onto assignment #2, which is where the dollas are :) :D <3


----Assignment #2 is booking speaking engagements and workshops----


Book speaking engagements and workshops that deliver specific skills


This is committing to working together, with a healthy commission structure in place for all gigs you book, and a contract in place.


Time commitment: We will discuss and agree together depending on your vision for your future, and what we discovered about how we work together in the trial period. Minimum 10 hours/week.


  1. Learn, and refine together, the offerings:

    1. Core audiences

    2. Keynote talks and workshops

  2. Get us onto online hubs for booking. Here are a few examples:






  3. Strategize and create speaking section of website:

    1. What keywords will we capitalize on for SEO?

    2. What content needs to be created for the site?

      1. (Great model:

        1. Speaker 1 sheet

        2. High res headshots

        3. Speaker stage intro

        4. Talk summary

  4. Find the opportunities and we start pitching:

    1. Identifying conferences, companies, networks, coworking spaces, events

    2. Reaching out

    3. Developing relationships

    4. Closing deaaaallllzzzzz <3


How to apply: Follow this link!

NOTE: If you do not submit a video (per question 1), your application will not be considered.

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